Xplor Cancun, the best adventure park

When we visited the Riviera Maya, we found that there are many theme parks, but the one we liked the most was Xplor Cancun. This is an incredible park suitable for the whole family that is located in the heart of the Mayan jungle. It is the ideal place for those who are looking for a bit of adrenaline during the holidays.

They have the most modern and safe equipment; Day or night, this park offers endless activities to spend an incredible day. Go through the park from the heights on zip lines, drive amphibious vehicles or cool off in the underground rivers; These are just some of the activities that can be carried out, yes; don’t forget to bring your adventurous spirit.

Xplor Cancun

Xplor Park Cancun
You may have wondered what Xplor is. And the truth is that the answer is quite simple; It is an adventure park where you can do different extreme outdoor activities. The best thing about this park is that you can enjoy up to six adventures in one place.

One of the things we liked the most about this park was the attention we received from the pick up until we left the park; the guides are trained to answer all your questions at each of the attractions and their buffet is full of healthy and delicious food. Don’t forget to try a smoothie at their beverage stations.

Xplor attractions

The Mexican Caribbean offers us much more than beaches and parties, which is demonstrated in the attractions that Xplor has; and they are all super exciting. The best thing apart from being surrounded by nature is that there is something for all tastes; We will tell you a little about them. Knowing Xplor is one of the best things to do in Cancun.



Who has not dreamed of flying? Well, the Xplor zip lines offer you a similar experience. You can fly while enjoying the scenery in the most visited zip line park in the world. Yes, so impressive as it reads, after visiting the park we discovered why it is so famous; It has two circuits of seven zip lines each one between slides and hanging bridges.

The zip line was one of our favorite activities, you can feel all the adrenaline of the moment but being totally safe. In addition, it is an excellent appetizer for everything that comes afterward; the most fun of the zip line circuit is landing in a cenote.

Xplor Ziplines Cancun Tour
Xplor Ziplines Cancun Tour


Amphibious vehicles

These ATVs are designed to cross the rocky roads and flooded caverns of the jungle; During the two tours of this circuit, we were able to enjoy the majestic view that the place offers you and the occasional wild animal that crosses the road.

Surrounded by the jungle, in this activity, we traveled two circuits of 5 kilometers each. The vehicles are capable of floating, the capacity is two adults and two children; and of course, they give you safety equipment.

Xplor Cancun Amphibious Vehicles
Underground swim

One of the must-see activities is found underground, in an underground river full of stalactites and stalagmites, among which you can swim at your own pace; while you cool down to 24 ºC after so much adventure.

The route is 400 meters long, and you will be able to find emergency exits along the entire route in case you do not want to continue with the route; yes, you must keep the life jacket during your entire stay in the river.

Xplor Park Underground River


Xplor Cancun will put your coordination to the test in this activity, in which we traveled one of several underground rivers that the park has onboard a raft; in which, we had to use our hands as paddles while traveling through caves in two incredible circuits of several meters.

Xplor Park Cancun River Rafts

Tyrolean hammock

Xplor has this fun and unusual idea of ​​combining a hammock and a zip line; Although the journey is not very long, it is totally worth living it; not counting its landing in a cenote. It is ideal for the little ones because its height is four meters.

Xplor Cancun Hammock Zipline


This is a fairly new activity within Xplor, and it is an underground expedition as you walk through crystal clear water into the caverns. They gave us the opportunity to choose between taking an adventurous or a quieter path to get to the grand canyon, so that will depend on your energy.

There are 740 meters of beautiful landscapes between caverns and jungle, which we were able to travel in no more than 45 minutes, and which were full of surprises. At the beginning of the tour, we were greeted by a host who gave us all the necessary information about the tour. In addition, along the way, we find lifeguard sections and hosts ready to help us if we need it.

Xplor Fuego

The Xplor Fuego tour begins when the sun begins to fall, until 11:00 pm. In it, we were able to live the entire Xplor experience through fire-lit trails, gliding on the zip line under a starry sky. It is definitely an experience that is unmatched.

Xplor Fuego Cancun Night Tour


We highly recommend visiting this adventure theme park; And since you surely have some curiosity about where Xplor is, we want to tell you: this park is located on the Chetumal highway, Puerto Juárez; at kilometer 282. How to get to Xplor varies according to your preferences; You can do it in your own car, public transport, or hire the Xplor tour package, which includes the trip from your hotel.


Xplor Prices

Xplor Mexico prices are MXN 2,573 for adults and MXN 1,286 for children without transportation.

Xplor Fuego has a cost of $ 109.99 per adult and $ 54.99 per child with transportation included; Admission includes a free pass to all areas of the park, Wi-Fi service, lockers, buffet, beverage stations, among others.

Xplor Schedules
The schedule of Xplor Cancun is comfortable, it is open from Monday to Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Xplor Fuego starts at 5:30 pm until 11:00 pm. Remember to arrive early so you can enjoy all that the park has to offer.