The best cenotes in Cancun

The cenotes in Cancun are one of those spectacular places that attract attention, rock formations with freshwater that were generated by erosion and the passage of time. They have an attraction that calls us and envelops us with their magic, which makes us want to visit them and enjoy their naturalness.

The cenotes in Cancun were sacred places for the ancient Mayans since for them they were sites of divinity. This means that everyone who travels to Cancun wants at some point to spend a day swimming in these freshwater spaces, different from the beach, and where in some cases, they have a dome that filters the sunlight and generates a beautiful atmosphere.

Although these are found throughout the Riviera Maya, it could be said that there are some that are the favorites of the public, those that are always full of people and are undoubtedly a natural sight for the eyes. It is the ideal place to venture into marine nature since in some cases they practice scuba diving to enter the sea caves that are flooded by sunlight.

Cenotes in Cancun

In this article, we will tell you which are the 5 best cenotes in Cancun, those that will always be the point of visit for the thousands of tourists who visit Cancun.

Among all the cenotes in Cancun, these that we are going to mention are considered the best, those that have a high influx of visits and are included in many Cancun tours. They are par excellence those with the most natural beauty that can be found in this Caribbean paradise.

Cenote Azul
Starting with what is considered one of the most visited of all the cenotes in Cancun, the Cenote Azul is located near Playa del Carmen and is one of the most visited due to the number of caves found in it. and that has almost 90 meters of depth, an adventure for those who like to dive.

The entrance fee to enjoy this natural beauty is 150 Mexican pesos, one of the cheapest you will get in Cancun. It is wide enough so that many people can enjoy the fresh waters without having to be crowded.

Cenote Kin Ha
A cave-shaped cenote that has an opening through which sunlight enters, giving a variety of colors to the water due to its depth. It is a quiet place, with a depth of 40 meters that makes it perfect for swimming and diving without much problem. The quality of the water is such that thanks to the light you will be able to see different species of fish.

It is located somewhat far away, about 5 kilometers from the road that goes to Leona Vicario, so you will have to rent a vehicle or pay for one of the many tours that travel to that area. Its cost is 200 Mexican pesos, although you can find better prices since it belongs to the cenote route.


Cenote Chac Mool
Among many cenotes in Cancun, this is one of which is not very crowded due to how rustic it is to be able to enjoy its waters, but it is still one of the most popular for those who want a more relaxing adventure. Its name is due to the seven entrances it has, for the Mayans it was a sacred place that represents the door to the underworld.

It is located at a kilometer 15.5 of the Puerto Morelos – Leona Vicario highway, which makes it accessible only for tours and tourists who have vehicles. Its price ranges between 300 Mexican pesos, something high compared to other cenotes but that you will forget when you arrive at this beautiful place.

Cenote Taj-Mahal
A perfect cenote for those who want to dive, since due to the light that enters its shallow waters, you can enjoy a marine view of the most beautiful that you can find in other cenotes in Cancun. Its stalactites cover the walls of the place, giving it a beautiful natural beauty that places it among the favorites of many tourists and adventurers.

It is located about 22 kilometers from Playa del Carmen, so you will have to cross a good dirt road to access this special place. The price of your ticket ranges from 250 Mexican pesos, but as it belongs to the cenote route, you can get better prices thanks to the tours that exist throughout Cancun.

Cenote Zapote
The best cenote in Cancun to practice diving is due to the transparency of its waters, which allows the light to filter more easily and show all the marine wonders that can be found in this place. It stands out

Or to also have a large number of stalactites that, together with the reflection of light, makes a fantastic play of shadows and lights.

You can find it at kilometer 25 south of Playa Carmen, and it also belongs to the route of the cenotes, as well as being connected to other cenotes such as Chac Mool. Its price ranges from 200 Mexican pesos, and you can travel personally or on a tour to enjoy a better experience of the place. Without a doubt, it is one of the most beautiful cenotes that you can find in Cancun.

Cenote Verde Lucero
If you are looking for a semi-open cenote in Cancun, where you can dive into incredible dives and enjoy the Zip-line, the Verde Lucero cenote is your best option. Verde Lucero is a cenote near the city of Cancun because it is located on the route of the cenotes and practically a “circular sinkhole”.

Considering an open cenote and the sunlight, it allows you to have an incredible view of its depths. Also, if you are an excellent swimmer, here you can dive over 20 meters high.

Cenote Cristalino
The crystalline cenote is located a few minutes from the city of Tulum and is one of the best family places that you can find in the Riviera Maya. Its access cost is barely 100.00 MXN and it really is worth it.

The place is equipped with restrooms, restaurants, and a small store, it also offers life jackets at no cost, and the place is made up of 3 cenotes. The first is a small, shallow one that resembles a “chapotero for children”, the second and largest has a length of almost 30 meters and is between some small caverns that have access to an open area, where the sun shines. the colors of the place.

And the third cenote is one a little bigger than the first, open, shallow, and where the space is perfect for a “picnic” or even sleeping.

Cancun and the Riviera Maya are surrounded by more than 100 cenotes and each one of them gives you an adventure and landscape totally different from the others, so among the things to do in Cancun, you cannot miss knowing some of them.

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