Things to do in Cancun

Cancun is one of the best places in the Caribbean for tourism due to its immense number of attractions, activities and other surprises that has prepared for those who visit it. Having many places to go, you should always have a plan or a guide to know how to make the most of your time and be able to know all the secrets that this paradisiac city hides and to help you a little, just a little in this article we will talk about the 20 things to do in Cancun.

Things to do in Cancun

Things to do in Cancun

Although there are many things you can do in Cancun, there will always be emblematic sites and areas that no tourist can miss. It is these places that the vast majority know and tend to visit on their travels, but sometimes they are overlooked that there are many more places to visit, hidden corners and areas that may surprise you.

That is why here we will give you a list of the 20 things you can do in and visit in Cancun, so that you do not miss anything on that wonderful trip.

There are many places in Cancun that you can know, as well as the activities that you can find in various places in Cancun, so here we leave you the 20 things that should not be overlooked on your trip.


Visit the beaches of Cancun

The first thing that many will want to enjoy when they arrive, whether you stay in one of the best all-inclusive hotels or in a hostel, the beaches will always be the main tourist attraction in Cancun. It is ideal to relax, take a bath and take a little tan on the white sand that goes for more than 20 kilometers.

Cancun Beaches to visit

Downtown Cancun

Many times we think that we will not find anything fun outside the tourist areas and more if you stay in a hotel in the hotel zone of Cancun, but Cancun has more to offer than just beaches. Here you can find some of the most emblematic parks in Cancun, many of them protected parks. Also visit some parks and squares to spend a different day and learn more about the local culture.

What to do in Cancun Downtown

Night Life

For those who love to party and enjoy the night with friends, Cancun offers a wide variety of well-known places such as Coco Bongo, one of the best known in the area. A moment of celebration after a day at the beach sounds great.

Cancun Nightlife where to go out

Ventura park

If you are one of those who are looking what to do with children in Cancun, the best option is to go to Ventura Park, a theme park with many attractions for all ages. It has 7 areas, each one standing out for a specific activity that will catch your attention and keep you busy all day.

Ventura Park Water Slides in Cancun

Archaeological Sites

There are many places to visit in Cancun, and not everything is beach and fun. There are other areas in which you can further expand your knowledge of the world: Mayan constructions. These archaeological sites that have been discovered and maintained with great care, are a perfect place to go sightseeing and learn more about those civilizations lost in time.

El Meco archaeological site Cancun

Go shopping

Among the list of things to do in Cancun, you cannot miss the opportunity to go shopping and the city of Cancun is full of famous and beautiful shopping centers, among which the Plaza Las Américas, La Isla Shopping Village stand out. , Plaza Kukulcan and Plaza Puerto Cancun, which have inside stores of renowned brands, restaurants with a variety of gastronomic dishes and some of them with an impressive view of the Caribbean Sea or the Nichupté lagoon.

Where to go shopping in Cancun

Los Delfines Beach

One of the most famous places in Cancun, since in addition to being able to enjoy a good swim in the sea, you can take a photo of the famous and colorful word “Cancun”, an image that should never be missing in your family album. In addition, as its name suggests, it has a more striking attraction for everyone: being able to swim and enjoy with the dolphins.

Playa Delfines in Cancun or Dolphins beach

Underwater Museum of Art

For lovers of swimming and the marine world, this museum is a work of art and one of the places in Cancun that you cannot forget. It is located under the sea and you can contemplate maritime life. In addition, for those who like water sports, it has plans to dive around the world of the Caribbean Sea.

MUSA Cancun Underwater Museum

Isla Mujeres

Among the most important areas to visit in Cancun, Isla Mujeres is a space in the middle of the sea that you can never miss on your trips. Ferries depart from the hotel zone every 20 minutes, being able to travel at any time of the day in order to enjoy unique areas and beaches that are considered some of the best in the entire Caribbean Sea.

Visit Isla Mujeres from Cancun


The Hotel Zone

The quintessential place to spend a perfect summer vacation, the hotel zone is a space almost 20 km away that will give you one of the best accommodation experiences you can get in the Caribbean. With a great variety of hotels of all categories, shapes and sizes that you can imagine. Even if you do not stay in this place, you can visit it and enjoy the area s common.

Also, if you are one of those people who are looking for the best of the best, in the hotel zone you will find the best hotels in Cancun.


Bathing in a Cenote

Continuing with our list of things to do in Cancun, and in fact among those that are totally mandatory, is the opportunity to bathe in a cenote.

One of the sacred places for the ancient Mayans is now a tourist center in this area, and it is no wonder since the Cenote, a freshwater pond that is formed by the erosion of stone by water, makes this a visiting point for tourists. Bathing in these waters, in addition to the beauty of the place, is something that should be on every visitor’s list.

Swim in a cenote

Visit the variety of restaurants

For those who like to enjoy food while traveling, there are many places in Cancun where you can enjoy a varied cuisine. In all of Cancun you will find restaurants of all kinds, from the most conventional to those that are recognized worldwide, it is a matter of looking for what best suits your tastes.

Cancun best restaurants

The Scenic Tower of Cancun

If what you are looking for is a more panoramic view of all of Cancun, you should visit this tower that is located 4.5 km from the city and has a system that rotates 360 degrees up to 80 meters in height. It will allow you to visualize all the beauty of the place.

Cancun Scenic Tower

Stay in a resort

If you are one of those who economize, perhaps this is an experience that you can afford to pay. Staying, even for one night in one of these resorts, will make you enjoy an unimaginable level of care and services that will make you want to stay there forever.

Stay at an all inclusive resort in Cancun

Dinner on the Spanish Galleon

If what you are looking for is a special and different dinner, visit the Spanish Galleon, an unparalleled tour that sets sail every afternoon to take its guests to an unforgettable dinner.

Captain Hook Pirate Dinner

The Mayan Ruins of Tulum

A Mayan fort from pre-Columbian times, an architecture that everyone should visit and know when they travel to Cancun. This place is one of the most striking points of any trip, since it is located on the edge of a cliff, in which you can see the turquoise waters that surround it.

Tulum Mayan Ruins

The Ruins of Coba

One of the largest metropolises of the Mayan culture between 200 and 800 AD, it is a visit that you should not look hard. Here is the highest pyramid in the Yucatan Peninsula, so a photo at the bottom of it should be in your most important memories.

Coba Mayan ruins

Chichen Itza

Among all the archaeological sites that you can find in Mexico, this is undoubtedly the most important of all. Considered one of the seven wonders of the world, the largest Mayan site is a point for all tourists, and it is surely among the most sought-after tours in high seasons.

Chichen Itza Archaeological site

Holbox Island

If you come to the city for only a few days, among the list of things to do in Cancun schedule a visit to Holbox Island.

For those who want a moment of total tranquility, away from all hints of modern technology, this island offers the ideal place. Located north of the Yucatan peninsula, it shows us that the tranquility of the sea can lead you to completely relax and fill your mind with an unequaled peace.

Visit Holbox Island


Swimming with dolphins

Many parents are looking for what to do with their children in Cancun, and that is why there will always be a great diversity of places to visit, including the Aquarium. A place where marine fauna can be fully appreciated, and where the knowledge of this is something that many little ones can love and among their list of activities is swimming with dolphins.

Swim with dolphins in Cancun