The best beaches in Tulum

Tulum beaches are one of the most preserves in the Riviera Maya. Unlike the party atmosphere in Cancun or other touristic points in the area which are normally crowded, Tulum coast is still virgin and less-visited making it ideal to discover.

The best beaches in Tulum

Tulum coasts are perfect to make a trip; if you want to unwind and go away from the stress in an intimate environment, this is the choice.  Although the Riviera Maya provides party vibes everywhere, in Tulum you can find the ideal place to relax.

If you are ready to fall in love with Tulum, and leave in your heart a piece of this heaven land, we’ll give you a virtual tour through one of its best beaches; so you can include them in your list when you are in Tulum. Take your suitcase, sunscreen, swimwear and let’s get started.

Paraíso beach

There is no better way to start our tour throughout Tulum with Playa Paraiso. It is one of the most stunning and very well-known beaches in Tulum. It is located just one kilometer away from the Tulum Mayan Ruins, which you can visit if you can to learn more about the Mayan culture and then explore this beautiful beach.

On the beach, you can practice snorkeling or take a tour that takes you to the reef barrier; the world’s second-largest where you be able to find any type of marine life. If you want to relax, Playa Paraíso has a lot of palm trees where you can rest comfortably, and don’t forget to take a picture in the popular slanted palm tree.

Playa Paraiso Beach Tulum

Mayan Ruins Beach

This beach is famous for its nearness to the Mayan Ruins, which is one of the most touristic sites in Tulum. If you want to know the Mayan history and at the same time enjoy this fantastic place and refreshing in those wonderful waters of the Mexican Caribbean you must visit this beach.

To get to this beach you have to cross Tulum’s archaeological site, in this way you can take a walk over the ruins and explore a bit before getting to the beach. There are also tours available to take you to the reef for snorkeling.

Tulum Ruins Beach
Santa Fe beach

This is one of the best public beaches in Tulum, perfect to enjoy with family. This beach has a wide variety of restaurants and food stalls where you can get delicious meals. There are also showers and toilets available for visitors. There is also a camping zone, and cabins for rent this is the perfect plan to stay in Tulum. You must definitely live this experience.

Playa Santa Fe Tulum

Fishermen Beach

The blue sea of Fishermen beach is quite calm and the waves are almost non-existent; It is possible to enter several meters without the water exceeding your waist. On its shore there are several bars and, lives up to its name, the beach is surrounded by several boats and yachts that can take you on interesting excursions at sea.

Like several beaches in Tulum, this one can also be found a few meters from the ruins. One of the greatest advantages of this beach in Tulum is that it is the only one where it is legally allowed to bring dogs, even though it is a public beach, it does not have many visitors; so don’t worry about too many people in the area.

Fishermen Beach Tulum

Xcacel beach

It is a huge and gorgeous beach with crystal clear waters, which is literally untouched by humans. You have to take with you all that you’re gonna need during your visit due to the lack of stores and restaurants. This Tulum beach is located 24 kilometers from Tulum on the Riviera Maya highway.

These are just some of the many beaches that we can find in this small paradise called Tulum and without a doubt, you have to give yourself the opportunity to know each one of them on your vacation to this piece of heaven in the Mexican Caribbean.

Xcacel Beach Tulum