Most expensive Resorts in Cancun

The best resorts tend to be the most expensive, and in the world of hospitality, it is a world where the luxurious is noticed. The world of luxury hotels and resorts is something that always attracts attention anywhere, especially in an area as touristy and well-known as Cancun. Here luxury, comfort, and the highest quality services are present from the moment you arrive until the moment you leave.

There is a series of exclusive hotels in Cancun, which are recognized worldwide for the high quality of attention to their guests, especially when they pay very high sums of money to enjoy the best that can be found in this paradise land. . Many of the tourists who visit these types of luxury hotels and resorts always demand more from anyone else, and their dissatisfaction with poor services can be very noticeable.

That is why in this post we are going to name you the 5 most exclusive and expensive hotels in Cancun, those that even if you stay only one night it will be enough to enjoy high-quality service, unique in the world for each guest.

The 5 most exclusive and expensive hotels in Cancun

Le Blanc Spa Resort

As always, this hotel is leading many of the lists of the best hotels in different areas. It is no wonder since Le Blanc Spa Resort is considered by many to be the best hotel in Cancun. This beautiful place has exclusive plans for demanding adults, who really like to enjoy the best of the best at any time, even on relaxation trips.

From the moment you arrive, you are greeted with a warm welcome by the hotel employees. All the rooms have a balcony overlooking the sea, to enjoy the sunsets with a beautiful rain of colors that are reflected in the sea.

You can enjoy services 24 hours a day, enjoying all areas at any time, both the bars, the pools, and its famous restaurants, where they serve a variety of food such as Italian, Asian, French, and international.

Le Blanc Spa Resort Cancun - Adults Only All Inclusive Resort

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Nizuc Resort & Spa

This place is one of the most luxurious hotels and resorts in Cancun; so much that it is considered as the hotel with the most modern and elegant design that you will find on these Caribbean beaches. It is located 10 minutes from the Cancun Airport, at kilometer 21 of the hotel zone.

The hotel suites are one of the most modern, they have mead baths included, with beach or lagoon views. It is a special place for weddings, retreats or honeymoons, since, being away from the busiest area of the hotel zone, the privacy that this place exerts is perfect for those moments of intimacy and full relaxation.

Undoubtedly, a place made for those who travel to de-stress, to feel the sea breeze, the tranquility of the waves that little hit the shore.

Nizuc Resort & Spa Cancun

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Live Aqua Beach Resort

Although it is a family hotel too,  it does not cease to show that it can meet all the demands that guests require. This hotel is on the list for having one of the best all-inclusive services in the world; accepted and recommended by the most demanding tourists that can be found.

So that luxury hotels and resorts can meet the standards that represent them, they always have VIP suites for those who want to live a different experience from the rest. Most of the rooms have a terrace, outdoor showers, massages, a spa, and other types of services that will make you doubt whether to leave that room to enjoy the rest of the hotel.

Because of this, the Live Aqua Beach Resort is among the most expensive and exclusive hotels in Cancun, it is worth visiting, even once in a lifetime.

Live Aqua Beach Resort Cancun - Adults Only All Inclusive Resort

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Hyatt Ziva Cancun

If you know the Punta Cancun area, you might know that Hyatt Ziva Cancun is located there. This beautiful hotel complex is one of the most luxurious that has an all-inclusive service.

It has a large land in which there are three pools with spectacular ocean views, you’ll appreciate the blue of the water in all its splendor. In addition, it has cabins, hammocks, bars, and nine of the best restaurants in all of Cancun.

It is a hotel designed mainly for demanding families. It is one of the few that have more than two beaches, in order to be able to relax in any area of ​​the hotel and have the infinite ocean in sight.

Hyatt Ziva Cancun - All Inclusive Resort

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Grand Moon Palace

If you are looking for exciting experiences, this hotel is the one for you. From the moment you arrive, this wonderful hotel delights you with its beautiful and grand structure, with areas that you never want to leave. Located 10 minutes from the airport, it is one of the best luxury hotels for the family.

Its wide repertoire of services offers personalized attention for each member of the family, being able to be in recreational areas where they play golf, kayak, snorkel, and many other outdoor activities. It also has technological recreation areas, bars and a wide range of restaurants to delight the palate.

If you are one of the people who only look for the best of the best, without a doubt one of these hotels should be of your choice and if you travel as a family, let us give you some recommendations with our article that talks about the best hotels for children in Cancun.

The Grand at Moon Palace Cancun