4 Day trip in Cancun, What to do?

If you are visiting the Riviera Maya for a short time and you don’t know what to do in Cancun during your 4 day trip in Cancun, don’t worry! There are many places to visit. This incredible city has a lot to offer,  no matter what your budget is.

What to do in a 4 days trip to Cancun

What to do in Cancun in 4 days

Cancun is the preferred place for those who take a break from the routine and be near the sea for a few days; those lightning trips and honeymoons for lovers; No matter what the case is, Cancun has something to offer you even if you are just passing through the city.

You may be wondering how much you can enjoy and get to know Cancun in such a short time, and the answer is quite encouraging; One of the best benefits of Cancun is that being a small city, the places of recreation and tourist interest are not so far from each other, this means that you will lose little time on the road.

If you want to save time and effort in looking for what you can do during your short stay, we have for you a small itinerary to do in Cancun in 4 days, let’s start.

Day 1
To start your short vacation in this paradise, The best thing is to visit one of the reasons why this destination is so famous in the world: its beaches. Relaxing on the beaches while listening to the sound of the sea and spending a day of great fun is the best way to open your vacation. In addition, it is one of the things to make and saving money at the same time. The beaches that you can visit are the following:

Delfines Beach
This beach has almost 30 kilometers of soft white sand. On this beach, you can find all the services; which are in perfect condition. Playa Delfines is ideal for children. In addition, it has spaces for practicing water sports. At Delfines beach, you can also find the famous multicolored sign with the words CANCUN, ideal for your first vacation photos.

Playa Delfines in Cancun or Dolphins beach

Tortugas Beach
Playa Tortugas offers a bit of everything, this is the ideal place to rest and relax with the family, but it also offers options such as bungee jumping, scuba diving, jet-skiing; so if you want a bit of adventure this is a good option. It has food outlets on the shore so you can enjoy an unforgettable lunch. This beach is among the favorite of many tourists who visit the Riviera Maya.

Day 2
On your second day in Cancun, you can visit the famous Ruta de Los Cenotes. This is a place to go in Cancun without a doubt; This route is located very close to Puerto Morelos and only 25 minutes by car from Cancun.

It is exactly a 35-kilometer highway in which cenotes of different ages are located, between open and closed; You can travel this route on a tour or on your own. You must bear in mind that there are many cenotes in the place, knowing them all will not be an easy task, however, we will mention some that you can know during your stay.

Which cenotes to visit in Cancun

Seven mouths
Its name is due to the 7 entrances that this cenote has, the funny thing is that they are all connected to each other and you can go from one to another by swimming. It does not have many services, but it does have a barbecue area. This cenote is ideal for swimming and for taking many photographs.

It is a closed cenote, its name means sun and water; It is connected by underground rivers, its maximum depth is 50 meters precise for diving. You can enter the cenote by going down some stairs or if you want a little more adventure you can jump from a small hole that is on the surface of the cenote.

Day 3
Another option that you can’t miss on your 4 day trip to Cancun,  is to visit some of its theme parks. In Cancun, the fun never stops, and if you want a bit of adventure while enjoying this wonderful place, Cancun has several theme parks that you will love. If you are ready for action you can visit the following parks:

This eco-park located in the Riviera Maya is probably the most famous. To continue enjoying nature and fun activities we recommend a visit to Xcaret; This eco-park is really big, so keep the map that you receive at the entrance close to you. At Xcaret you can find caverns, a main square, the Hacienda Hequenera, the popular art museum, and even a viewpoint that is 30 meters high.

During your tour, do not forget to enjoy the underground river, snorkel, or visit the Mayan ruins that are inside the park. If you are looking for culture, fun, and nature, this park is going to enchant you.

Visit Xcaret Park when in Cancun

The well-known Xplor park cannot be overlooked. This park has the characteristic of offering its visitors a totally different and unforgettable experience. In this place, you can enjoy different extreme activities, such as driving ATV’S. You can also enjoy Xplor Fuego, the night version of the park with fireworks.

Day 4
Your visit to Cancun cannot end without knowing the Mayan ruins. Something to do in Cancun in 4 days to visit the ruins of Chichén Itzá; If you want to have the complete adventure of Cancun and the Riviera Maya, you cannot leave their culture out.

In this place you can take a look at what the Mayan civilization was like, the Kukulcán pyramid is the main building of the archaeological zone.
At Chichen Itza you can also get very important structures such as the El Caracol astronomical observatory, the Temple of the Warriors, or the Great Ball Court. You will also be able to know the sacred cenote; Ideally, you should be accompanied by a guide so you can learn a little about its history. However, it is a place that you can explore on your own.

Chichen Itza Archaeological site

As you can see, the city of Cancun has several activities that can be done in 4 days, and although this article did not give you a “list of 20 things to do”, it is because here we are considering the estimated time to do each activity.