What to do in Cancun with your partner

If you are planning a romantic vacation and want to know what to do in Cancun as a couple, Quintana Roo is one of the most popular destinations in Mexico to enjoy a romantic getaway in a small paradise; with dream beaches ideal for lovers.

The city of Cancun is the perfect setting for lovers; Whether you are planning a vacation with your partner or a honeymoon, this city offers the possibility of spending unforgettable days accompanied by paradisiacal beaches, walks, and unforgettable landscapes.

What to do in Cancun with your partner
Although Cancun is full of nightclubs and parties, it has many options for those who think of this destination to spend a wonderful vacation as a couple; a romantic getaway or a honeymoon.

Between tours, beaches, and dinners on the seashore; Cancun gives couples the perfect atmosphere of romance, tranquility, and privacy that they need during their stay in Quinta Roo. If you are ready to embark on this journey, continue with us and discover some of the activities that Cancun offers you for those exciting and long-awaited vacations.

Laguna del Amor Tour

This is one of the preferred activities for couples; This is a very romantic tour in which couples can share a boat just for two and tour the Laguna del Amor, named for its heart shape; This is one of the seven lagoons that make up the Nichupté Lagoon.

Through the journey to reach the Laguna del Amor, you will have a spectacular adventure among mangroves that will provide you with the perfect setting for a romantic and fun getaway.

Fall in love with the sea
The main reason that Cancun is such a visited place is its beautiful beaches; some of them have won some international recognition for their beauty, the deep blue of the sea, the warm and crystalline water, as well as the soft white sand; they provide the perfect setting to have an unforgettable honeymoon in Cancun.

The best thing about these beaches is that they are suitable for all types of couples; from first-timers to those who want to experience a luxury vacation. In them, you can relax and enjoy the landscape and the company, you can also practise some water sports such as snorkeling or diving.

Spa for couples
When it comes to wellness, you’ll find the best places in all of Quinta Roo in Cancun. You can get a variety of establishments for this activity; The preferred one by tourists is usually the massages on the seashore, however, you can also opt for packages in spas that are found in the facilities of the hotels or resorts.

Spending an afternoon with your partner at a spa after a day at the beach can be the perfect plan for that romantic getaway. They will be able to get a wide variety of treatments and the best of all is that they adapt to the budgets that each couple manages.

Tour a cenote
This plan is ideal for couples who like nature and adventure. In the surroundings of Cancun, and throughout the entire Riviera Maya, there are several cenotes where visitors can have an incomparable experience; Whether you just want to walk and admire them or spend the afternoon immersed in them, it is a place not to be missed.

Although all the cenotes are really beautiful; there are some that stand out from the rest with certain characteristics that make their beauty almost mind-blowing. If you like adventure you can zip line and even dive in them, we recommend visiting:

Cenote Azul.
Great Cenote.
Chilim Balam Cenote.

Rio Secreto 
Río Secreto is one of the best-known natural wonders of Cancun. It is also known as the crystal museum, in 600 meters of this incredible underground river you can admire the stalagmite and stalactite formations that have been created over thousands of years. If you want to declare your love again; the landscape and complicity that this place gives to couples is ideal for that special moment.

This place was considered sacred to the ancient Mayans, so do not miss the opportunity to swim through its crystal clear and refreshing waters; as well as living a dream adventure.

Visit MUSA
One of the special options regarding what to do in Cancun as a couple is to visit the more than 470 statues found under the sea in the famous underwater museum MUSA. This museum was born with the idea of ​​being an artificial reef; over time it has become home to a large number of marine species.

Couples can visit this museum on diving or snorkeling tours. This museum has life-size sculptures that are truly impressive works of art; imagine a few photos as a couple in this place, incredible isn’t it?

Dining in Cancun
If we talk about romance and couples, dinner is always on the plan. Cancun has several romantic dinner options that you would surely like to take a look at.

Ritz Casitas
This is one of the most charming restaurants in all of Cancun and without a doubt one of the most popular outings for couples. In this place they prepare exclusive handmade huts on the shore of the beach, their menu is based on fresh fruits of the sea; The best thing about this place is the privacy it offers to visitors, also including an exclusive waiter.

Something else to do in Cancun is to visit the wonderful Columbus cruise. Cancun invites couples to have a romantic dinner by candlelight and accompanied by the stars; During dinner, the Columbus sails through the Nichupté Lagoon from dusk until night falls completely to the beat of the sound of the saxophone; Their dishes are very varied, between vegetarian and conventional dishes.

These are just some of the many things that can be done in the city if you come to celebrate your honeymoon or if you come with your partner or your crush. Do not hesitate to go out and see many other things that you can enjoy.