What is the best beach in Cancun?

There are many attractions and things that are always going to attract you when you travel to Cancun. Hotels, archaeological monuments, gastronomy and many more things that will always keep you active, but there is only one thing that everyone will enjoy and it is the real reason to travel to such a beautiful tropical paradise: the beaches.

chac mool beach

In the city there are many beaches, many of them classified as the most beautiful in the western Caribbean, where tourists go to relax, do water sports such as surfing, explore the marine world by diving and snorkeling, among many other things. This piece of land that meets the beautiful turquoise blue of the sea, is the true treasure of Cancun.

What is the best beach in Cancun?
Although there are many beaches along the coast, it is very difficult to catalog which is the best beach in Cancun. The opinion of tourists will always be varied and will depend a lot on what their tastes are since on some beaches people prefer to have fun while others seek tranquility and only feel the wind on their faces and listen to the sea in the background.

But among so many beaches in Canún, there is one that stands out and the one that, according to many opinions, is the best beach in Cancun. This is Playa Chac Mool, a place located in the hotel zone. In this article, we will talk a little about why this is the most special you can find among all of them.

How to get to Playa Chac Mool?
This beautiful beach is located at kilometer 10 of the great hotel zone, next to Playa Gaviota Azul. You can take a bus anywhere in Cancun the available routes are R1 and R2. In case you get yourself on the Boulevard de Kukulkán, for only 12 Mexican pesos, which is equivalent to 0.60 dollars, you can get to the beach.

What makes it so special?
Although at first, you think that it is like any other beach in Cancun, this one differs a bit because of its atmosphere, it is made for tourists to enjoy in every way. Its waters are perfect for those who enjoy surfing since its waves are perfect to practice it, while in its sands the tranquility of the place allows you to rest and enjoy the view.

In addition, it allows you to enjoy the beach with the family, since in some areas the water is calmer, and this is good so that the youngest can bathe without a problem. Only on some days, the waters are shakier.

chac mool beach
What can be done in Chac Mool?

Going to the beach is not the only thing to do in Chac Mool. All along its coast, you can find all kinds of bars and restaurants, perfect for having a good drink by the sea or eating a good plate of fish or shrimp, for those who like to enjoy a good meal while looking at infinity. sea.

Among the activities that you can find in this place are:

Surf: If you want to learn a fun water sport, here you can find the 360 ​​Surf School Cancun, which has a wide variety of bilingual professionals who will provide you with the best service.
Spring Break: If you are one of those who seek to have fun in all the events that are during your travels, here you will find daily events to enjoy with your family or with your group of friends.
Strolling on the beach: Because of the tranquility of the place, it is a perfect place for those moments as a couple where they walk to the shore with their hands clasped.

What services can you enjoy at Chac Mool?

For everyone’s convenience, upon arrival, you will find a series of shops and services to enjoy the place. If want to buy something, there is an OXXO store and a CIRCLE K right at the entrance, as well as a pharmacy.

Like other beaches in Cancun, this one has a Blue Flags certificate, which makes it a free beach and just by leaving some documentation you can request services such as chairs or umbrellas. Likewise, it will be able to place you anywhere on the beach without any inconvenience.

Where can I eat in Chac Mool?
There are a wide variety of restaurants on this beautiful beach, including Picnic on the Beach, The Surfin Burrito, Le’Natura Restaurant, and Senor Frog’s.

Without a doubt, this beach is ideal for you and your family, so on your visit to Cancun city, you have to know and spend a whole day enjoying the sun, the sea, the sand and the beauty of the sea.

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