The best hotel in Cancun

When talking about the best hotel in Cancun, many travelers have their own opinions based on their experiences, and for some, the best is the one where they have always been and enjoy its services.

But to be able to determine which is the best of the best, we only have to look at the number of positive reviews it has on many tourism sites, the recommendations they give, and their comments about the service they offer.

But this also depends on the type of service it offers, as there are many categories in the hotel world, and more so in a city like Cancun where the range of high-quality hotels is spread all over the place. In addition, this beautiful Caribbean city has exclusive areas for hotels and others that are very remote, so they do not all fall into the same categories.

What is the best hotel in Cancun?

Le Blanc Spa Resort
Although this is a strong struggle to reach this position, there is a hotel that in recent years has earned the position of the best hotel in Cancun: Le Blanc Spa Resort. This majestic hotel located at Km 10 of the hotel zone, is what has been for many guests of the world, one of the most relaxing and fun experiences in the Caribbean. This huge hotel with more than 200 rooms makes its guests enjoy its services to the fullest, being able to access all the events and areas of the place.

Its all-inclusive modality makes the experience of staying in a hotel go to another level, being able to enjoy areas such as Spa with hydromassages, recreational activities for all ages, a wide range of restaurants that will make your palate enjoy every day.

le blanc the best hotel in cancun

What is the best hotel in downtown Cancun?

Large hotels have always been located on the shores of the beaches, but this makes their stay more expensive, so many tourists look for hotels in the downtown area of ​​Cancun, something more adjustable to their pocket and that also allows them to enjoy the tourism in the area. For this reason, among so much variety, the Apart-Hotel Suites Malecon Cancun is undoubtedly the best hotel in downtown Cancun.

This beautiful hotel is located 10 minutes from the famous Boulevard Kukulcan, an ideal place for those who like to know culture, gastronomy and, also, enjoy good souvenir shopping. What makes it so highly recommended among travelers is that it has a wide variety of services, ranging from whirlpool bathtubs to free parking. It is without a doubt a place where you can stay and enjoy all the wonders that Cancun has in store for you.

What is the best hotel for children?

Fun is a very important factor for those who love to enjoy family trips, especially when the little ones are really going to enjoy it. That is why Iberostar Cancun ranks as one of the best hotels for children in Cancun. As soon as you arrive and admire its huge building that is shaped like a Mayan pyramid, the little ones are surprised by how big it is. Upon entering, the experience is intensified by the number of services and activities that can be performed.

With its all-inclusive service, you can enjoy all areas, in addition to having a park with a huge ship and shark sculptures, something that for the little ones is an unforgettable experience. In the same way, young people and adults can do outdoor activities, sports such as golf, soccer, kayaking, among others; having fun in the same way. Its beautiful view to the more, the more the quality of its service is what places this beautiful hotel in this position.

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iberostar cancun

What is the best all-inclusive hotel?

Service will always be the most attractive and the main source of visits for a hotel, so much so that many of the large hotel chains have doctrines for their employees and unique policies for the attention of all their guests. For this reason, in Cancun, one of the most attractive things is the all-inclusive services, where the traveler can enjoy the whole place without having to pay anything additional.

The Moon Palace is considered by many to be the best all-inclusive hotel in Cancun, since its wide variety of benefits provided by its all-inclusive package, makes it the best choice for family, couples, or business trips.

It also has a great variety of restaurants, and with more than 2000 rooms, guests can feel that they are in a city within another city, a space so large that you will have to come to visit it several times to be able to enjoy everything 100%. it offers.

the best hotel

What is the best budget hotel in Cancun?

Aquamarina Beach Cancun is considered by many to be the best budget hotel in Cancun since its balance between price and quality places it in this position. It is ideal for those who want to have a 5-star experience, but at a lower price, since its all-inclusive service is considered one of the best in the hotel zone. It is located 5 minutes from the city center, ideal for those who want to walk through the streets of this beautiful city.

It is also ideal for traveling with children since the nearby beach has little waves and you can enjoy the tranquility of the sea. Its rooms also make it worthy of the position of the best hotel in Cancun, since they are spacious even for couples, and all have a beautiful view of the sea. It is undoubtedly the best option for those who are not so demanding.

Our list of hotels was carefully selected from the various reservation platforms that exist such as Booking, Expedia, Trivago, and TripAdvisor, each of which evaluated the valuation, score, and comments of thousands of travelers like you. So if you liked our article, don’t forget to comment and share.