Rosa Negra Cancun

Rosa Negra Cancun is a luxurious restaurant belonging to the RosaNegra group, a Mexican company that has three branches throughout the country; including Tulum and Cancun, which are among the most famous restaurants in the area and this is due to several reasons.

The Rosa Negra restaurant is known as a tribute to Latin American cuisine. Since it opens its doors, it presents its guests with an incredible Mexican gastronomic experience, as well as from countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Peru; creating an extravagant menu worthy of several Diners Choice awards.

Rosa Negra Cancun
At the Rosa Negra Cancun restaurant, every night is different, but all full of emotions. During the night, you can witness a fireworks display; and in turn, a percussion show with light, water, fire; as well as a DJ show that will invite you to start the party.

One of the main reasons that make Rosa Negra stand out above the rest of the restaurants in the area, are the exclusive products they use in the preparation of each of the dishes on their menu; These ingredients are obtained from all over the world. They also offer some variants such as a children’s menu and vegan options.

The Rosa Negra restaurant is part of a small group of international restaurants that have been awarded the “Golden Head” award; which is granted by the Kobe Beef Federation, the same organization that authorizes the sale of kobe meat and guarantees its authenticity.

rosa negra cancun restaurant

The menu that this restaurant offers is very complete, in it you can find salads, soups, tacos, toasts, ceviches, charcoal cuts, fish and seafood; risottos, rice, sashimis and tiraditos; entrees, sharing options, USDA prime, children’s menu and vegan; desserts and a varied cocktail menu that you cannot miss.

Although when reading the letter you will want to enjoy everything, thanks to the variety they have; There are some dishes that are among the favorites of Rosa Negra visitors and we will reveal them for you.

Among tacos, squid, empanadas, artichokes and many more options, the favorite dishes of the visitors of this restaurant are the following:

Giant Squid, it is a Patagonian charcoal squid seasoned with hot spices and olive oil.
Organic Beets, which are roasted over charcoal and accompanied by feta cheese, balsamic vinegar, pistachios and arugula.
Peruvian food is characterized by its ceviches; so they could not stop being on the menu of Rosa Negra. This Peruvian ceviche has earned its place among the favorites; It contains corn, tiger milk, purple onion, sweet potato and field. A typical Peruvian ceviche.

Fish and shellfish
Among the variety of options that Rosa Negra offers, there are two favorites in this section.

The first is the “Catch of the day “, as its name says it is about the catch of that day in the morning, which is prepared with yellow chili.
The other favorite option for visitors is the giant tiger shrimp prepared with sea salt, parsley and olive oil.
rosa negra cancun restaurant

Risotto and rice
The mushroom and truffle risotto at Rosa Negra has fallen in love with those who have had the privilege of trying it. It is made from carnaroli rice, royal trumpet mushrooms, porcini, morel, King oyster, grana padano cheese, and black truffle. The fusion of all these flavors makes this risotto an explosion of flavors on the palate.

This section of the menu is quite interesting; Although throughout the menu you can find many vegan options, the ones that are available in this area are really exquisite.

Portobello carpaccio is the most requested. The dish is a roasted portobello carpaccio, dried tomato, palm hearts, local chili and serrano dressing.

Main dish
Among the main dishes you will have three options; each one more delicious than the others, these are:

Vegan burger.
Soursop salad.
Salad with dowels.
In addition to all these dishes, in the menu you will find a section of toasts, purees, potatoes, vegetables, salads or soups; which you can combine with your dishes according to your liking.

The desserts at the Rosa Negra restaurant are an experience for the palate. You can find ice cream, cheesecake, tiramisu, giant churros, cakes, among others; of course, we have a couple of recommendations for you.

Tasting of Rosa Negra desserts, this dessert contains

Exotic fruits, red berries, ice cream, banana, dulce de leche flan, cheesecake pudding and chocolate cake. It is ideal for sharing
Chocolate sphere, it is composed of a Valrhona chocolate sphere that hides in its interior an ice cream flavor of dulce de leche, red fruits, whipped cream and is bathed with hot caramel sauce.
Do not forget to walk through its cocktail bar and enjoy an exquisite margarita, wines or the recommendation of the bartender.

In addition to its delicious cuisine, this restaurant has incredible facilities ideal for living an unforgettable moment with the family on the shore of the pier and with the sea in the background.

You can also enjoy a nice wooden terrace that will give you an incredible view; private lounge, smoking area and bar. The whole place has an incredible decoration, a unique and incredible architectural design that will be able to take your breath away. Additionally, it has top-quality customer service from the moment you arrive.

We know you want to know where Rosa Negra Cancun is, it is located at km. 15 of the Hotel Zone, very close to the JW Marriott; 30 minutes from downtown Cancun.

The prices of Rosa Negra Cancun vary depending on the dish you order, however the price range is between 500 MXN and 1500 MXN.

The Rosa Negra Cancun schedule is from Monday to Sunday between 01:00 pm and 01:00 am. However, we recommend that you make a reservation at least one day in advance so that you can enjoy the best Rosa Negra experience.