Kids activities in Cancun

If you travel with children to the Mexican Caribbean, it is time for you to discover some activities for children in Cancun that they will enjoy the most as much as adults during their vacations; And although it is believed that this eccentric city is inspired by fun for adults, children also have their space. Cancun is so fascinating that it has a bit of fun for everyone, regardless of age.

Cancun is one of the most requested places by tourists, every day countless flights arrive at the international airport from the most important cities in the world; many of them, loaded with families looking to spend a few days surrounded by fun and beautiful landscapes.

kids activities in cancun

Activities for children in Cancun

We know how important it is to keep children entertained during the trip, both of us want to enjoy the most fun activities that the place can offer us, explore and have new experiences; No matter how old the kids you are traveling with are, we will tell you about some activities for children in Cancun, join us.

Choose a family hotel

Our first recommendation is that you choose a special hotel for families, preferably all-inclusive; This way you can save some money since they have all the drinks, food and, and snacks. These hotels also have many activities during the day and night for children.

Most of these hotels in Cancun generally have a kids club or special playground area for children, and many of them even have their own water park, ideal for keeping children entertained. These family hotels also have menus designed for the youngest members of the house. If you want to know the best hotels for children, click here.

kids activities in cancun
Ventura park

If we talk about fun, water parks occupy one of the first options on the list; Ventura Park is located in Cancun’s Hotel Zone exactly on Boulevard Kukulcán, and is ideal to enjoy with the family, as it has attractions for all ages.

Ventura Park is known for being one of the largest in the entire area and an ideal place to go with children in Cancun; It offers 7 worlds with different themes and with a view of the sea, where you can enjoy from slides to go-karts; It also offers restaurant services with children’s menus.

kids activities in cancun

Coco Bongo Kid’s Party

Yes, as you read it, the famous Coco Bongo club organizes on special dates activities for the little ones with non-alcoholic drinks and fun live shows for all ages; Between balloons, music and a pleasant atmosphere, the little ones will be able to enjoy shows of superheroes, princesses and singers like Michael Jackson.

Visit the beaches

Undoubtedly, one of the best things to do with children in Cancun and where everyone is going to have fun without stopping is on the spectacular beaches that this city has. The main attraction of Cancun is its natural beauty, and that is why most tourists arrive in the city, not spending a day or a couple of days on its shores is something that you cannot afford.

Although Cancun is full of beaches, there are some that are more suitable for children than others; one of them is Playa Langostas, which is located just 5 kilometers from the Hotel Zone and has very calm waters and almost non-existent waves. Las Perlas Beach, known for being one of the best beaches in Cancun, is ideal to visit with the little ones, it has calm waters and an area with books that you can read for free.

delfines beaches in cancun


One of the activities to do with children in Cancun is to visit one of the most famous and sought-after parks, which is known worldwide. Xcaret has attractions that the whole family can enjoy, among which you will find archaeological sites, rivers, aquariums, beaches, museums, and much more.

In this park, children can live the experience of swimming with dolphins; And if you think that when the sun goes down the fun is over you have been lied to, at night the park holds different activities, events, and shows for visitors.

kids activities xcaret

Interactive Aquarium

In this aquarium, both children and adults can have fun to the fullest; in it, you will have the opportunity to see various marine species such as jellyfish, seahorses, turtles, and much more; In addition, you will be able to interact with the stars and sea cucumbers. They will also be able to witness the dolphin show or swim with them; That’s not all, the more adventurous can dive into a cage to the shark pond, watch them and even feed them.

aquarium cancun

Sea Life Discovery Plus

This is one of the best-known places to visit with children in the entire city of Cancun, thanks to the many attractions it offers, which are not only fun but also very educational; In the enclosure, you will be able to meet and live with dolphins, manatees, sea lions, swim with stingrays and even observe sharks while learning about their entertainment, anatomy, and food.


Kabah Park

It is known as the lung of Cancun and is a perfect place to visit with children. In this park there are several playgrounds that you can use, in addition to this, you can also see animals running around the place, as this is home to iguanas, badgers, coatis, turtles and many species of birds.

kabah park cancun

Ka’Yok Planetarium

The Cancun Planetarium is located in the center of the city; In it, your children will be surprised by the incredible projections that are reflected in the vaulted ceiling, they will also be able to visit the virtual reality room and the water museum. You should check the planetarium page and even reserve space for some of their presentations, due to space issues and sanitary restrictions.

kayok planetary

Jungala Aqua Experience

Definitely, one of the best activities for children in Cancun and that the little ones will undoubtedly love is to enjoy Aquaplay Rain Fortress; It is the largest interactive play structure in the world, with approximately 300 play elements that also have the Kids Waterslide Complex, a space with slides dedicated to the little ones.

kids activities in cancun

The city of Cancun and the Riviera Maya are completely full of exciting adventures that you can do with your children. And although these are just a few, there are still more than 50 activities and of course, you can’t miss them.