Izamal, Magical town

Izamal is a beautiful colonial town that combines features of its pre-Hispanic past, the colonial period, and the current era, which is why it is known as the city of the three cultures. It is located 1 hour from Mérida, and many tour operators include it in their trip to Chichén Itzá.

Its name is due to Zamná, “dew from the sky”, a character of singular wisdom and mythical origin considered as an instructor and teacher of the Mayans.

In its archaeological zone, you can see the temple of Kinich Kak Moo, or the Great Pyramid, which stands out for its height and is the most important building in the temple. In its upper part, there is a small square that apparently functioned to perform rites and ceremonies dedicated to the deity Itzamná.

izamal town

In June, Izamal has a very peculiar festivity, the atrium of the convent is tinted with rainbows and the songs are heard that when they finish the journey of the Virgin of Izamal begins, asking her for blessings and promising orders. Once the ceremony is over, the summer equinox begins to be celebrated. This is what makes Izamal a magical town.

In Izamal you can also find gastronomy and handicrafts, all with a charm of the Yucatan itself. Among their dishes are; chaya with egg, chicken stew, stuffed cheese, salbutes, panuchos, venison pipián, and for those who like sweet, Izamal serves dishes such as yucca with honey, honey pumpkin, sweet potato with coconut, cocoyol in syrup, pumpkin seed marzipan and even arepas.

Izamal is a magical town that manages to make you have a trip of a lot of cultures, as well as the jewelry that they make in this beautiful town. And if you want to brand new handmade hammock woven with henequen fiber, Izamal is an excellent option. You can also get unique furniture and ceramic works.

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