Best beaches in Cancun

The beaches in Cancun are its main attraction. And it is that its attractiveness is easy to understand; since its white sands that meet the turquoise waters that come from the Caribbean Sea; makes spending a moment of relaxation or fun one of the best experiences for everyone who travels on vacation.

Without a doubt the beauty of Cancun, from sunrise to sunset, where you can hear the atmosphere full of laughter; meetings, and the sound of the waves in the background along with a cool breeze that comes from all sides to lighten the heat that addresses the entire Riviera Maya. The variety of islands in the area is so great that you will have to spend more than a week enjoying these waters.

But there will always be a question for all those who are looking to travel for the first time and it is: what is the best beach in Cancun?. A question that, although it seems difficult; It is only necessary to talk with the locals or tourists who have traveled, to find out which are the best and the most visited.

That is why here we will tell you the best 5 beaches in Cancun, those that are always visited by all travelers and that will always stay in your mind.

The best 5 beaches in Cancun

Chac Mool Beach

If we talk about beaches for many activities, there is always a group of people who are looking for places where they can carry out maritime activities, among them is surfing. That is why this beach is considered by many tourists a good point to practice such a famous sport since it is one of the ones with the best waves. But this makes it an unsuitable place for the little ones, so care should always be taken when taking a dip in its waters.

Considered one of the best beaches in Cancun, this place offers travelers a place of relaxation. In addition to having a very practical location since it is close to many of the famous hotels and resorts of the Rivera Maya. It also has a surf school for those who want to learn, and a series of bars where you can have drinks and enjoy a delicious meal on the shore of the beach.

chac mool beach

Delfines Beach

Icon and one of the best family beaches in Cancun, it is possibly the busiest place you will find on your travels. From the moment you arrive in Cancun, it is one of the places that you have to visit due to a very particular characteristic: the word Cancun in large and colorful letters; a photo that will be in any family album.

In addition, it has bars and food services, awnings and chairs to rest; and activities in the water such as the famous walk with the dolphins, which gives the place its name and is why tourists always come. It also has a viewpoint that will allow you to admire the length and breadth of a beautiful view.

delfines beach

Caracol Beach

If what you are looking for is a beach for children in Cancun. This is perfect for the little ones in the house to enjoy the rich waters of the Caribbean. It is a quiet place with calm waters, where there are no waves and that is why many parents bring their little ones to take a salty bath without being in danger from the wild waves.

It is also the main place to catch the ferry that travels to Isla Mujeres, another beautiful place that you must visit. This beach in Cancun is one of the most relaxing places of all, away from leisure and the hustle and bustle of people, it is a perfect escape to sunbathe just listening to the sea and the laughter of children in the background.

caracol beach

Tortugas Beach

For lovers of beach activities, this place is perfect to have an adrenaline rush; Since in this place most of the maritime activities are practiced such as diving, bungee jump, jet skiing and surfing, among others. But, although it seems like a place where the most daring and courageous have fun, its arenas also provide a perfect family space to share.

It has several boat trips and ferries, which will give you an adventure through the turquoise waters that surround the entire Mayan Riviera, and as in Playa Caracol; They can take you in larger groups to Isla Mujeres to enjoy other beautiful beaches.

And for those who wish to enjoy eating and drinking in the sand; It has a wide variety of bars and restaurants that will provide you with the best services so that you can satisfy all your needs without having to leave your place.

Linda beach

Its greenish-blue waters are one of its main attractions, and this is because at this point the sea meets the waters of the Nichupte lagoon. It is another perfect beach to bring kids since its waters are the calmest of all the beaches in Cancun and in the hotel zone; which allows you to feel the tranquility of the sea at all times.

At night there is a pirate ship event that will keep you active, in addition to being able to sail to Isla Mujeres and enjoy a different night among so many activities that Cancun gives you. It is without a doubt, one of the best beaches in Cancun and one of the most visited by tourists in any season of the year.

The city of Cancun is surrounded by more than 15 beaches and most of them you will find in the Hotel Zone and if you are looking for good accommodation with an ocean view, enter here.


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